PROCESS INSTITUTE // Based in Berlin (and Lima, Vancouver, New York) // Last update, April 2014

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Process institute is an artists collective founded in March 2010. Its members came together with the common wish to work collaboratively and the need of developing a context to situate their artistic research and process­based, participatory public art. Process Institute members are Irene Izquierdo (Spain), Catherine Grau (Germany), Zoe Kreye (Canada) and Carlos Leon­Xjiménez (Peru).


The collective formed during their MFA program Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus­Universität Weimar, Germany, years 2006­08 and 2007­09. They all completed their MFA in Public Art. Zoe Kreye 2000­2003 Concordia University. BFA ­ Great Distinction. Studio Arts (installation, sculpture, performance, video, printmaking, painting, drawing, film studies). Catherine Grau 2005 BFA Sculpture, Pratt Institute for Art and Design, Brooklyn, USA Irene Izquierdo 2000­2005 Licenciatura en Bellas Artes. Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Erasmus scholarship, Kunsthochschule Kassel, 2004­05.


Irene Izquierdo

· Teaching and learning Documentary Direction at filmArche, self­organized film school in Berlin (2012­15).

· Tutor for ASA Programm, organization focused on global and sustainable learning.

Catherine Grau

­· Manager of Special Programs, Lu Magnus Art Laboratory + Salon, New York.

· Currently working on The Unlearning Walking Club in Vancouver and preparing an exhibition at <rotor> in Graz, Austria, together with Zoe Kreye.

Zoe Kreye

­·Professor, Social Practice and Foundation Studies. Faculty of Culture & Community, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver.

· Currently working on The Unlearning Walking Club in Vancouver and preparing an exhibition at <rotor> in Graz, Austria, together with Catherine Grau.

Carlos Leon Xjiménez

­· Urban Heritage PhD Candidate at the European Institute for Urbanism, Architecture Faculty. Bauhaus University in Weimar (2011­)

· Professor for Curatorial Studies and Practice at Corriente Alterna, School for Visual Arts, Lima.



Unlearning Walking Club. Collective Walks / Spaces of Contestation. Unit Pitt, Vancouver. Group exhibition & commissioned project. (Zoe, Catherine) ­

Unlearning Walking Club. Teaching Material. UHVA Gallery, Audain Art Center, UBC. Group exhibition & participatory public project. (Zoe, Catherine) ­

Creadores Íntimos. Collective exhibition. Sala de las Francesas, Valladolid, Spain. (Irene) ­

Unlearning Weekenders. Measures of Saving the World ­ Part 5. <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art. Graz, Austria. Group exhibition & commissioned project. (Zoe, Catherine)


Expedición Amazonas, Pancho Fierro Gallery. Lima Metropolitan Municipality, Lima (Carlos)

­ Restraining Order. The Art of Self­Control. Einstein Forum, Potsdam. (Irene) ­ Audiovisual Research Residency. The Green Fields, Leipzig. (Irene)

­ Soft/Union. The Apartment, Vancouver. Dance workshop, with Anna Halprin exhibition Circles. (Zoe)

­ Audio Blueprints. House & Home. The Campbell House Museum, Toronto. Exhibition. (Zoe)

­ Unlearning Weekenders. Goethe Satellite @ Vancouver. Public interventions. (Catherine, Zoe)

­ Unlearning Weekenders. Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. Artist talk. (Catherine, Zoe)

­ NPEP ­ Nice Places Exploration Program, public art project with Frohnleiten youth center, <rotor> center for contemporary art, Graz, Austria (Catherine) http://npep­

­Aquatopia ­ the children’s research submarine, a multi­artist public installation by Kinderbuero / IZK Graz / in cooperation with Zoom Museum, Graz and Vienna, Austria (Catherine) ­

This Progress ­ stolen from the Guggenheim, site­specific participatory public performance, Free City Public Art Festival, Flint, USA (Catherine)

­The Emotionals. Non­fictional short film, digital HD, 4’ 31” (Irene)

­The day we killed time. Non­fictional short film, digital HD, 8’ 43” (Irene)


­ No Comfort Land. Kulturpark, Plänterwald, Berlin. Public intervention. (All)

­Lima Rooftop Ecology, Zona30, Lima. Commissioned by Apexart Franchise, New York City. US. (Carlos)

­Paisajes Improbables. Travelling collective exhibition curated by Víctor del Río. Galeria do Paço da Cultura, Guarda, Portugal; Iglesia del Monasterio de Ntra. Sra. De Prado, Valladolid; Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca; Museo de León, León. (Irene)

­ Cross Senses. 3 month collaborations artists/synesthetes & exhibition. Panke, Berlin. Curator: Larissa Wunderlich. (Irene) http://www.cross­

­Unlearning research residency. Goethe Satellite @ Vancouver. Public Interventions. (Zoe, Catherine)

­ How to Walk Together, A Social: Intervention, public art project + artist residency. Hotel Marie Kapel, Hoorn, Holland. Residency. (Catherine, Zoe)­social­intervention/

­ Artist in Residence program. Camosun College, Victoria. Residency. (Zoe)

­ Home Stay – Circle Ceremonies. Open Space, Victoria. Guest curator. (Zoe)

­ Martin. Documentary, short film, public art intervention. Digital HD, 6’. (Irene)


­The Proud, The Shy and The Angry: Many (Hi) stories, One Museum. Nairobi National Museum, Kenya. Workshop concept, facilitation and Exhibition. With a grant of AECID for Spanish artists abroad. (Irene)­art­review/on­location/2012/11/dispatch­from­nairobi/3/

Unlearning Weekenders. Berlin­Neukölln. Public project. (All)

4 Collective Tasks. Über Lebenskunst Klub. Commissioned work House of World Cultures, Berlin. Curator: Paula Hildebrandt. (All) http://www.ueber­ ­

Build Your Block Party. Berlin­Weissensee. Neighbourhood initiative. (All)

Celebrating Hilton Square. Conversations in Silence, Goethe Institut Nairobi. Research, public art project and exhibition. Kenya.Curator: Sam Hopkins. (Irene)

We Are Symbiotic. Art city, Winnipeg & AGGV, Victoria. Artist in residence / community arts project. (Zoe)

EAT TALK CONNECT. Community public art project commission, City of Richmond Public Art Program. Collaboration with Richmond Multicultural Community Services. (Zoe)

Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices. Broken City Lab, Windsor. Residency/conference. (Zoe)

Blueprint for a Shared Meal, community art project, Flint Public Art Project, Flint, USA (Catherine)


Kunst vor Ort. Actualitas, Braunschweig. Public intervention. (Catherine, Zoe, Irene)

Euro-Latin Performance Project. Freies Museum. Berlin. Performance festival. (All)

Freie Klasse Weimar. Weimar. Community arts project. (All)

Process Institute: how to exist. ArtTransponder, Berlin. Group exhibit. (All)


Neue Leipziger Küche. Leipzig, Sträken von Ort. Community arts workshops. (Zoe, Carlos)

Build Your DUMBO. New York. DUMBO Arts Festival. Public art project. (Zoe, Catherine)

Koca Inn. Weimar, Kiosk of Contemporary Art. Public art project. (Zoe, Catherine)

Build Your Block Party. Weimar. Neighbourhood initiative. (Catherine, Zoe)

Neue Leipziger Küche. Abfarht-Ankunft, Bauhaus-Universität. Public art exhibition. (Carlos, Zoe)

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