Mobile Strategies

We believe that mobility is a strength, as it enhances our context specific analysis and prompts richer, more flexible and permeable research processes. This strategy enables us to insert ourselves into a given context when we are actively engaging in a project. Therefore we choose a public working space that migrates according to our creative needs and interests.

process institute anhänger street


Mobile working station: used for planing and diagnosis of potentials for projects, in urban spaces.


Brunnensttrasse / Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (at Volksbühne). Berlin-Mitte. March 2010

parasiting the temporary Kunsthalle

Working at the Temporary Kunsthalle Berlin (2008-2010). Schlossplatz, Berlin-Mitte. March 2010


Mobile Office at former Tempelhof Airport

Mobile Office at former Tempelhof Airport. Herrfurthstrasse corner Oderstrasse. Berlin-Neukölln.

March, 2010



Looking for people´s ideas, we decide to intervene the streets with a mobile bar. Exchanging fresh lemonade or mint and herbs tea we research on passer-byes abilities to teach and share their skills and knowledge. We were surprise how a simple exchange without money can create an atmosphere where to reflect and discuss on continue learning process… sharing and exchanging.


Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar

Mobile Bar

Karl-Marx-Strasse. Berlin-Neukölln. June 2010

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