How to exist

how to exist

In the advents of Art Transponder closing its space and Process Institute founding itself as an artist collective without a permanent space, we enter a common ground of questioning. If temporality & mobility are the contemporary answer to sustain culture, we need to initiate an invested exploration of the possibilities of this phenomenon. The Process Institute: how to exist? poses concrete questions of how to parasite spaces, collaborate with other institutions, and what kind of infrastructures are needed in art-production, as well as exploring the deeper issues such as adaptation, appropriation, migration, and how to remain rooted while mobile.
For the 4-week duration Process Institute used the Art Transponder space as an office to establish its common mission in a conscious approach to collaboration. Networks of working structures with similar approaches were explored through a series of interviews and an archive of the results was compiled. The mobile office was developed and tested as a mobile research platform for an active, grass-roots artistic practice. Our main aim is to use this platform for investigations, project developments, public space appropriations and insertion into specific contexts relating community, everyday living, social and spatial possibilities, and fostering public creativity.






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More information of this framework: HERE


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