Freie Klasse Weimar

Freie Klasse Weimar

Public Art Project. May 16th to 23th, 2010
Baustelle M10, Weimar

Freie Klasse Weimar is an offline-on-the-streets open source academy. its highest values are the sharing of skills, ideas, experiences and creative exploration. Here knowledge is driven and redefined in relation to life and passions – not careers. Freie Klasse Weimar is a self-organized platform composed of people on the common quest to exchange, experiment, learn, share, experience and question together. The primary infrastructures are respect and curiosity. It is open to anyone and everyone. It is built on the belief that every person has valuable knowledge and questions and that we can all benefit from sharing them publicly.
There are no hierarchies.

There are no mistakes. Teach what you’ve got / share what you want to learn:
>>>how to fix a bike, where to hide in Weimar, how to cure back pain, how to roast a pig or write love letters…
>>>experiments in overcoming stage-fright, rediscovering your neighborhood, baking bread, talking to strangers… what have you never tried before?
>>>lectures on accounting, reading from your favorite book, a five minute talk on silence…

Are you searching for : new or continuous learning processes, a safe environment to experiment ideas, exchange/validation/professionalization of your everyday knowledge, creative tools for collaborative practices, tangible/face-face encounters

Teach what you’ve got / share what you want to learn!

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freie klasse weimar opening frie klasse weimar opening ceremony

Freie Klasse Weimar

Freie Klasse Weimar

Freie Klasse Weimar

Freie Klasse Weimar


Documentation in the Freie Klasse Weimar web


Playing Hammock Pig roast My personal Weimar About the history of Irak

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