Build your own BLOCK PARTY













Community intervention -Weimar 2009, 2010

This experiment was organized in a couple of days to enhance our neighborhood and test out what was possible through self-organized community action.
Initiated by Catherine Grau and Zoe Kreye (Process Institute) it mobilized the residents of the Schubert Street (Weimar, Germany) to occupy their street and celebrate together with a street party. Residents joined together to dance, dj, barbecue, play games, cut hair, sell junk and other spontaneous actions like a donuts kitchen and brass band. This was deliberately done without permission from the city to counteract the excessive regulation of public space. The festival called for an expanded use of the road and the open community, for more active, grassroots neighborhood engagement.

13-blockparty-sm Block Party dj & grill block-party-sm1 blockpary-lemon

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